29 Collection of Free Poems about London’s Travel and Experience.

What’s in London?

  • Piccadilly.
  • King’s Cross.
  • Dover Street.

London is an exciting city where history and culture meet. It’s filled with a range of adventures, whether you’re eating at a restaurant or going to a bookstore.

What will you read?

C.R. Angel goes with you through acts of society while still appreciating everyday things such as music, wine, and shows of entertainment.

You’ll read an exchange of:

  • Love and hardship.
  • Art and philosophy.
  • Mindlessness and mindfulness.

How can you get it?

The ‘Dollar & Pounds’ collection is of 29 poems that speak to you in hopes of exciting a hunger to visit the eventful city of London.

This chapbook of poetry is available to you for free in the collection tab of our website, or you can view it below by clicking the pdf/button.

Read more in the Collection.

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