Brand New Chapbook of 29 Poems for Free By C.R. Angel

What’s in Guatemala?

  • Driving through streets of Guatemala City
  • Sailing through shops of Atitlán
  • Eating in markets of Antigua

There’s always something to do, whether it be looking at volcanos or eating with people who invite you for a well-cooked meal. Explore the vast land that offers community and love to anyone willing to travel.

What will you be reading?

‘Speak Your Roots’ is now available for free, where you can experience the beautiful country of Guatemala through a chapbook of poetry.

Filled with 29 poems in English and Spanish that speak of indigenous blood while catching a glimpse of Central America and its wonders.

How can you read?

You can now read by clicking the link below, or you can head over to the collection tab of our website, where there are many more writings of poetry and adventure.

Read more Here

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