Location: Keystone, Colorado.

Poetry with C.R. Angel

This is not an endorsement of any kind, but it is a recording of my time out in Keystone, Colorado. As my previous post mentioned, I like to travel because it offers perspective to life and writing as a whole. The town of Keystone is quaint, and the mountains are a delight to ride in terms of snowboarding/skiing.

Amongst the entrance, there lay a brave soul who takes the burden of attempting to find a spot to park. Once I became furnished with the proper gear, I proceeded to tread with a snowboard in my hands.

The walk to a gondola thrilled me with every cup that clashed along with the campfires that welcomed you with open arms. The scenery brought an ebullient smirk along with the pleasure of seeing such a wonderful community. I became inspired which was then the creation of a poem titled Stories of the west:

A fire burns with the sparks of each other,

While one offers bread to another.

As boards and skis line high,

So does the joy as we pass time.

We each have our stories and tales,

As conversation prevails.

Dare I get used to this,

That is living in bliss.

After riding down all sorts of runs(including the beginners) I reached the precipice of a mountain where I was stunned. Carefully treading along, I concocted one last piece titled Keystone.

You’re the snow to my board.

You’re the key to my stone.

Whenever alone, I embrace the brisk air.

Nothing compares to the hats of ice that mountains wear.

After writing the following poem, I glided down the bottom where I gloriously admired the view above me. Some pictures along the way included:

I recommend Keystone to anyone who is in search of a good time/run. It is suitable for beginners while still offering a challenge and joy to the novice rider. This is again not an advertisement. But a memory worth recalling.

Have you been here before? Do you have a location worth sharing? I encourage any comment or recommendation on different areas and locations!

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