Poetic Form: Abstract

Abstract Poetry was popularized by well-renowned British author/poet, Dame Edith Sitwell in her 1922 book, FacadeAbstract Poetry focuses less on meaning and more on soundrhyme, and rhythm to convey its message which often triggers a multitude of emotions.

“Tall windows show infinity;

And, hard reality,

The candles weep, and pry, and dance

Like lives mocked at by chance”.

Dame Edith Sitwell, in her poem “Clowns’ Houses”.

As stated before, the book Facade offers examples of the concept that is abstract poetry. Sitwell is world-renowned for her work and offers many collections that would prove suitable for a shelf of books.

But how can there be an explanation of poetic forms without a personal example?

A withered road went way,

As drab clouds covered day.

A sunshine began to sprout,

From white horses, they show.

C.R. Angel

Poetry Challenge

Storing any Abstract Poetry? Want to try something new? Try writing an Abstract Poem and see what comes of it. Email us your work to show it off.

Happy writing!

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