Losing sense.

Session One:

I suppose it begins with me arriving an hour before my appointment. Looking at the time, I could have sworn that I was destined to be late.

I took a three minute shower and even skipped the application of lotion upon my body, but that is of little consequence.

Now I wait for my time, my pod, my pool, and anything of that nature.

Am I excited?

Am I nervous?

Am I at peace?

I feel so, but perhaps I’m wrong. Are there any demos I fight without knowing?

Of course there is.

That’s the essence of the unconscious mind.

It’s the essence of being human.

Session One Aftermath:

I have left the premises of tranquility and with introspection, I seem at ease.

In the beginning phases of floating, I noticed the constant awareness of what’s around me (or should I say the lack of).

I knew that one half of me was submerged into the water but I seemed to have lost my other self. It was as if I became one underneath the shadow of myself. I could not differentiate between my physicality, but I did notice the water.

It was subtle.



I then began to notice the mind. It started to peruse the corners and cracks of my inner-self.

Debates on the conscious, unconscious, life, death, love, attachment, happiness, anger, and nothingness.

For nothing is still something.

If nothing was truly nothing, then why do we discuss it? Why do we argue on it? For something to be truly nothing; we must not know what it is. We mustn’t have a clue on anything of its nature or existence.

But even then it is still something.

Only far from us.

Time is nothing but skewed upon the pod of oneself. So what does one do when time isn’t a factor?

You waste it.

But what is to waste time in the eyes of a human, seeing that it’s a subjective term.

Do you count to one-hundred?

Do you talk out loud?

Do you get out and pleasure yourself?

Or do you do nothing?

Wasting time is nothing,

but nothing is still something.

C.R. Angel

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