Curious about spoken word? Watch the latest example on YouTube

What is spoken word?

Spoken word is the act of sharing poetry through oral communication. It’s found in coffee shops, bookstores, and in your room. Examples include:

  • Poetry slams
  • Short stories
  • Monologues
  • Any other literature that’s performed out loud

It’s even grouped with forms of music such as hip-hop, jazz, country, and many more.

Fun Fact:

The term “Jazz Poetry” was created by Langston Hughes, who wrote collections of poetry that went together with elements of jazz and would often reflect the characteristics of jazz music. Elements such as:

  • Rhythm
  • Tempo
  • Rhyme

How do you write spoken word?

Spoken word is easier than what people imagine. However, it isn’t the same as reading a book or novel to a group of people. It requires body language, tone, literary devices, and other forms of communication that aren’t as obvious. When grouped, it becomes a performance that people enjoy not only through eyes but through ears as well.

Spoken word is an inclusive art that incorporates people, ideas, and topics, from around the world. It’s entirely dependent on the writer and how they choose to express themselves.

Simply: There’s no right way. There’s no wrong way.

Personal example

A perfect example is ‘Hut of a Room’ by C.R. Angel, where he goes over the contents of his room through rhyme, metaphor, and humor. It’s a description, entertained with knowledge and insight, expressed through words and meaning.

The ‘Hut of a Room’ video is on YouTube for you to watch, but you can listen to more by C.R. Angel and his podcast, which share many other ideas and topics that revolve around spoken word.

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