Can you make money from blogging?

How can you make money through your blog?— A helpful article that I enjoyed by Elena on

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Hey guys! This is a question I keep getting constantly through email. And I think it deserves a proper answer.

The short answer is yes, you can make money from blogging. The real question is: in what terms?

I’m sure you’ve heard how people make money from blogging. They either sell merch, ebooks or courses, or they are getting paid by sponsors to do posts about specific topics (which is harder to do because you need a bigger brand to notice you), or through affiliate marketing, or through donations, or through displaying ads (Google Adsense, WordPress Ads,  Ezoic etc), or even through guest posts.

The only real way to make money through blogging is by providing value to your readers. This is either through the content you’re posting (better content attracts more viewers), or through the products you’re promoting.


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