Tomato Basil

Picture of Tomato Basil

It’s easy to take for granted the memories of life that flash in front of our eyes. A chance to cook with family. To listen to music. Bring out a camera.

That’s exactly what I did. I rushed to my room and reached down to the lowest shelf next to my desk. I grabbed a freshly mint camera. Only a few days old. I smiled and looked down to another camera which was collecting dust around itself. “Don’y worry,” I say. “You’re not done yet.” I turn away and head back downstairs where I see an empty pot that’s ready for it’s significant other.

Water is in.

Music is playing.

A writer is at work.

I find a source of inspiration and a mingle of imagination. A thought of worry and its insignificance compared to an undying ambition. It’s a juggle of arts that bring contentment and wonder.

“Follow through in ambition with commission of a heart that grows a hunger.”

In “Tomato Basil” by C.R. Angel.

What is success to you? what will it take? How will you get there? This requires an introspective state that’s sure to bring some sort of emotion. However, it’s our obligation to keep going no matter the lack of confidence.

The noodles have been drained at this point as they wait for me in the sink. There’s a low fire that’s underneath the pot which once held a salted water, but is now in charge of a savory tomato basil. Garlic bread has also been in the oven for some time and I feel an excitement. My work is almost done.

I finish a touch onto this newly written piece. I close my book and walk towards a cabinet which holds a series of plates and bowls. A few have been set aside and I reach for my cold black camera. It’s pointed at me and I pinch off the lid to set my sights on a goofy-looking dog. I take my shot and look at the replay… I’m satisfied with the result. I pinch the cover over the lens and gently put it on the counter.

I fill a bowl with pasta and a bread that burns in garlic. I look at the clock and there’s still time before my day rests. Today is good. I recently finished a book that’s brought an overall wealth and I’m thinking of reading it again. I smile once more and hum a little beat to myself.

“Tomato Basil” by C.R. Angel.

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