What else can a writer use in their free time?

Writers, like many artists, are known to be crafty in areas that require a creative eye. The term “polymath” has been thrown around as early as the 17th century and is described as a talented individual in multiple areas. An example of such a character is Leonardo Da Vinci, an artist, inventor, and engineer. He brought fresh ideas to math, architecture, and science. His kind has become rare, however, there are remnants of people who choose to work in multiple subjects.

If I were generous, I would consider myself a student on the road to becoming a polymath. Whether it be through writing, music, or entrepreneurship, I am hungry to be involved in multiple arenas of knowledge.

I have taken a conscious step into the unknown like anyone else who aches for improvement. As a result, I’ve attempted the journey of making music in small doses throughout the week.

Listen to “ALAS” by C.R. Angel.

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